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  • Amazing

    By NikkiSH86
    Highly worth the money. If you like Blackfish, you will love this book!
  • orca lover read this book

    By Khal Yolo
    I hate seaworld but that is because I love orcas. This book is full of true facts People who like seaworld and seaworld do not understand how those amazing animals feel seaworld takes baby orcas away from there mothers. Wild orcas live as long as humans captive orcas live about 20 years old. All captive orcas are sad Thank you for telling true facts
  • Outstanding

    By CatherineCarlon
    Just downright wonderful. This is the kind of book that will make you think twice about seaworld
  • Applaud such a honorable man

    By Jross15
    This book was amazing and heartbreaking all at the same time. John is a remarkable human being with true love and passion for animals. I as a child much like John thought going to sea world was this magical place. That going to a shamu show brought me chills, to see how amazing and beautiful these mammals are and to get a up close view was something indescribable and something I would never forget. I've been to sea world a total of 4 times. After watching black fish and reading this book I can now look past of what I thought was this magical experience and see the truth behind sea world and the precious orcas who should be free. I commend John for making the tough decision of speaking out against sea world and telling his story. Exposing the unsettling truths behind sea world and the treatment and unhealthy living environment of these whales. Not to mention how detrimental their captivity is to their health and development. I pray that God allows this to stop. That sea world shuts down once and for all. Prayers to all those special creatures and to you John! I applaud you!
  • Beneath the Surface

    By PAW Carmel
    This is a terrific book -- one I could not put down. It really opened my eyes. I have always known that most business is only about the "almighty dollar," but it was still shocking to hear how people and beautiful creatures like Orcas can mean nothing when money is at stake. This book tells so much about Orcas and how social and smart they are. It also speaks volumes about imprisonment in general.
  • Page turner

    By Jillykozz
    I was worried about the book, but I couldn't put it down!! It was hard to hear about the love John had for Seaworld. But that is HIS journey. I can't imagine how hard it was to leave those whales. He is a very strong man. I loved the book cover to cover. Knowing Dr. Rose, Howard Garrett and Dr. Visser personally, he's got the right people on his team. Great things will come from him. You watch and see......
  • Get this now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Ravikoka
    SeaWorld supporter look at the facts even from a non-biased position I can see SeaWorld is wrong. There is so much evidence against them I couldn't even list it all. Read the book and see the truth. Save the orcas!!!!
  • I liked it

    By Lidfizz
    Satisfied my need for a little bit more in depth in the stories I saw on blackfish

    By lewis400
    I'm all about saving Orcas & returning them 2 the wild. This book explains the good, the bad, & the ugly side of Orcas in captivity. If U 💙'd Blackfish ... U must read this book. 👍👍
  • Beneath the Surface

    By Mpoole22
    Thank you John for this powerful and heartfelt book. I could not put it down, a must read.