Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1) by Lola St.Vil

Guardians: The Girl (The Guardians Series, Book 1)

By Lola St.Vil

  • Release Date: 2012-06-18
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 393 Ratings
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***** With two million copies downloaded and over 500 five-star reviews, The Guardians series is a must read for fans of A Shade of Vampire, Twilight and The Mortal Instruments.******

Fifteen year-old Emmy Baxter is certain nothing exciting will ever happen to her. That is until she is viciously attacked by hoards of demons on her way to class. A team of powerful angels, who earlier posed as her classmates, comes to her rescue.

Emmy soon learns that her name is the only clue given in the quest to find the location of a sacred map that shows the way to ‘the bridge of souls’. If evil gains access to the souls, it will use them to create an army and annihilate the world. Emmy has no idea where the map could be or why her name was given as a clue. But that doesn’t stop evil from hunting her all over the posh Upper East Side of New York City.

While battling evil and still trying to make it to class on time, Emmy finds herself falling hopelessly in love with team leader; Marcus Cane. Emmy is shocked to find out that Marcus is deeply in love with her. Unfortunately, the team’s all-knowing guide makes a frightening prophecy: "If Marcus and Emmy unite, the world will burn…" 

Will Emmy and Marcus stay away from each other if it mean saving the world? Or will they give into their all-consuming love? If being with “the one” meant the end of all things, could you stay away?



"This story takes you to Heaven, Hell and all over the world and will not disappoint!"--Once Upon A Twilight ★★★★★

"...The action starts early and doesn't grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go."--Beyond Forks ★★★★★

"...Well written with just the right balance of action, humor and romance."-- When Pen Meets paper ★★★★★ 

"Guardians" series in order

Book 1: The Girl
Book 2: The Fallout
Book 3: The Turn
Book 4: The Triplex
Book 5: The Quo
Book 5 (Part 2) : The Lyris
Book 6 : The Shoma
Book 6 (Part 2): The Nycren

Guardians: Short Stories From Book 1
Guardians: Short Stories From Book 5

Please note: Readers may start with the Noru series or the Guardians series. However the author recommends starting with Guardians series 

The Noru series in order: 

Book 1: Blue Rose 
Book 2: Last Akon 
Book 3: Fall Of The Chosen
Book 4: When Angels Break 
Book 5: Ways of The Wicked
Book 6: Rise Of The Alago
Book 7: Rage Of Angels


  • The Girl

    By MA2TX
    It drew me in. It took me to a different world & I enjoyed my visit. I look forward to the next edition.
  • … just no

    By Pearl_Deng
    I have never left a book review before, but after reading this book I could not stop thinking about it. It is honestly horrible. I continued reading it because I was hoping it would get better, but it only got worse. The main character is so unlikeable— I couldn’t stand anything about her. SPOILERS- she is a boyfriend stealing pathetic girl. Every character bounces between love interests so quickly you get whiplash, and then the only good character dies! Which bring me to my last point, how does an angel even die?! They are already dead!
  • Awesome!!!!!!

    By Angle food cake
    This book is so good I love it.
  • We could've been great together

    By E_23
    I love the concept of the book. I think it could've been great had it not been for the writting. It felt more like a summary to me than an actual book. I couldn't get a real feel to it. There weren't enough descriptions on what actually mattered and too many on what didn't really matter, who wants to know about runner ball (I think that's what it's called) when we can read about Marcus taking snaps to get close to Emerson. They were the heart of the story but there was no building up to it there was only a climax which as a result didn't have much of an effect. Reading this was like eating chicken soup with a cold, you know it's really good but you can't really taste it. I loved the characters in exception of both MCs. I enjoyed reading about Miku and Rio the super twins but my absolute favorite character was Ameana. I loved her. She would've made a better Emerson. I wish I could say I finished reading this book but I got through two thirds of it before I couldn't take it any longer. It didn't make me feel anything, the drama was in all the wrong places.
  • Eh

    By NoMoreGuardians
    Not impressive. It's slow, characters are flat. The premise is ok, if a bit implausible. The plot's pretty predictable after the first couple of chapters. The story needs condensing, and is way too much about teen angst and the improbable love triangle. Get to the 'save-the-world' part already! The main female character isn't very engaging or consistent. I've also hit a lot of things that don't follow the logic of the world-building. For instance, if angels can fly away why do they have to wait for a get-away car? The characters don't use their skills very well in battle.
  • Hate it

    By ees_15
    i didnt like this book at all, it just kept on going going they should've stop at the 4th book where it ended nice
  • Reached in and squeezed my heart!

    By Christine99
    This review is for the entire Guardian series (no spoilers ahead) and I'm putting here with Book 1 in case it helps others decide whether to invest in the rest of the series or not. The writing is not groundbreaking and the later books really need some proofreading and spellcheck help. Supernatural angst-y YA fiction is a dime a dozen these days but there's something clever about this series. The twists and turns are certainly exhilarating enough and you never know who's coming up next and who's taking what side. After 8 books, it certainly becomes formulaic--big bad evil, huge mountains to overcome, good generally triumphs over evil but not without losses. The tropes are all there but as always, it's the execution of them that makes any story worth reading until the end. For me, it's the pull of Marcus and Emmy that carried the series. In true Joss Whedon fashion, you can never allow the primary romantic couple to be together and happy at any point--they must always be tortured and suffer every imaginable circumstance that continually keeps them apart. At times, the author bakes in these insurmountable circumstances so beautifully that your heart literally stops and twists and breaks. It's the redemption of these moments that keep driving the series forward. The absolute standout moment in the series comes in Book 5 in Dubai. What Emmy does is so poignant and powerful and it is one of the grandest gestures I have ever seen or read in a story. The series is filled with the themes of bold idyllic youth and perfectly personifies its crushing lows and heaven-skimming highs. It is at times self-deprecating with loyalties and romantic partners always in flux but isn't that part of youth too? Was it the best book I've ever read? No. Would I read it again? Probably not. Was I thoroughly entertained for the 5-6 days it took me to complete the series? Yes. Do I recommend the series? Yes. Was it worth buying the rest of the series? Yes. If you're even slightly a Sailor Moon fan, Buffy fan, Smallville fan, Twilight fan, Arrow fan, Divergent fan... you will enjoy this series. It is a classic retelling of what it means to be human (seemingly flawed, useless and not particularly impressive or redeeming in any way) juxtaposed by sexy, glamorous, powerful supernatural beings whose highest achievements come in the surprising and fleeting moments when they are most Human.
  • Cool

    By Alevivace
    I love it
  • Not bad.... But not great!

    By Shaylala30
    I really enjoy the concept here, with the Angels & powers! It has some really exciting moments & overall I liked the book. The characters, though they have promise, are a little rushed in my opinion. And with the main character, to be honest, it's hard to root for her at times. I thought there were some good twists & I will try book 2.... We'll see if I continue the whole series! I just hope book 2 delivers more!
  • Best books ever written

    By Coocoloco
    I started the series on May 20,2015 and I am on book 6 part 2 and it is June 19,2015. I have always been a fast reader but never have I wanted to read anything as much as Guardians! I encourage ever one to read it because it is way better than The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, and the Giver combined!!