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  • Did Jesus Exist?

    By DLG52
    Ehrman takes on the "Mythicists," who claim that Jesus is an invention of first century Christians. While he sympathizes with their irreverence Ehrman argues that their claims are irrelevant to answering the question, did Jesus exist. Ehrman carefully demonstrates his case point by point. In the final section he shows how one can make a stronger argument for irreverence (dismissing Christian claims of the supernatural divinity of Jesus) by accepting the historical evidence that he did exist, but not like Sunday schools teach.
  • Compelling evidence and perspective

    By Sonic4n6
    I have been searching for a good book to help me with struggles concerning the existence of Jesus. I am not a person to believe "just because". I prefer facts and evidence. This book provides a compelling argument and challenges the opposition on and intellectual level. What is even more refreshing is that the author is not a Christian. He presents the evidence from a purely historical perspective, points out inconsistencies when he perceives them, and continues the quest for proof. If you are a seeker of the truth and want the insight from a historical scholar whether it not Jesus walked the earth and said the things that are claimed, this is the book for you.
  • Man

    By Ufwa
    I have listened to this man lecture and read some of his writings. Look this man up on the web,he hates God he is spending his life trying to destroy people's faith. I would not give this guy the time of day,don't let him fool you he is an idiot.
  • Did Jesus Exist?

    By billypaul
    Bart Ehrman shows us again why he is the best scholar in his field. With no religion to defend, Dr Ehrman explores this topic like a veteran detective. A must have book!! I can't wait for the existential sequel "Do You Exist?". Bill Sutherland