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  • Wonderful Work

    By Elephants Always Dance
    I love the Shadow series. I do not recommend having middle school students read it. I had forgotten there's a violent rape scene in the beginning.
  • A Must-Read for Anyone

    By Ludi-Luna
    I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys sci-fi or liked Ender’s Game. Orson Scott Card did a stellar job of character portrayal and helping us understand the impossibly fast workings of Bean’s mind, as well as the realistic personalities we find in other characters like Sister Carlotta, Colonel Graff, Poke and Achille de Flandres. It’s about as realistic as a post-modern sci-fi novel can get, and the plot advances at as perfect a pace as is possible. The only books I’ve enjoyed as much were probably the rest of the Shadow Quintet and perhaps the work of J. K. Rowling.
  • Better than Enders Game

    By Dat Boi 27
    My Teacher gave me this book to read after I finished Enders Game And I loved it.
  • Amazing

    By Ikezoomwolf
    The amount of focus in the intricate details required to map out every plot point is awe inspiring. The book weaves an even further in depth story behind Enders Game. This author is truly one of a kind.
  • Ender's Shadow = Unneeded title.

    By The Man Under the Umbrella
    I can see from publishing point of view how to play safe by using this title; however book is a winner on its own. Good fiction + genius writing .
  • Best book

    By NicolasOliva
    For me its a VERY GOOD book, it has more story than the Ender's Games, Im reading it right now and it is incredible how the story shots you in the face
  • 4 stars compared to Enders game

    By gmen12345
    I read Enders game first and I think I would have liked the saga more if I read this first. This book is slower and might be to slow for middle school readers. This book is great and I love how the two story's link. This book is great but not as good as Enders game. Scott orson card spent much more time on the character of Ender and it is rather obvious.
  • Awesome

    By Santa baby 48
    Way way better that enders game But I read enders shadow first so maybe that's why I like enders shadow better
  • Not as good

    By eluptak
    This book is not as good as Ender's game but is excellent at giving us another perspective of what took place in that book.
  • Truly moving

    By Wigginpianogrl
    This book is wonderful and has a remarkable emotional maturity and complexity. Take my word for this though, because even though in theory you could start with Ender or Bean, Ender is really the way to start. They're both equally amazing it's just.... Ender comes first.