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  • Must read

    By Mitcheze
    Very insightful story of an important piece of American history.
  • A rare perspective

    By shabadoooo12345
    This book presents a look at the first days of the largely untold story of the fight in Tora Bora. The most striking detail to take away is the delicate nature and nonstop frustrations of the relationships with the Afghanistan alliances and tribal groups. The important overall lesson: a small team of US commandos took over a mountain range and decimated the enemy in just a couple of days, while the Russians failed to take over the same area after ten years of fighting the same enemy.
  • Amazing!

    By Xing30West
    Extremely well written and very interesting!
  • Must Read

    By mfleury87
    A great book a first hand account on what really happened at Tora Bora. The story is genuine and gives you a secret look into one of America's most secretive elite counter terrorist unit. Dalton Fury and his men deserve a lot of credit for a job well done despite the limited capabilities politically to chase down Bin Laden in one of the worlds most unforgiving terrain. Hard to put down, and gives you a great deal of pride knowing that their are great Americans like Dalton Fury and his men. A book every American should read.
  • Amazing!

    By sjdflksjdflsjfls
    I won't rewrite the book here, but just say this is a compelling and well written account of one of the most infamous battles of our time. I highly recommend to any history buff, or anyone who wants to get a little bit into the psyche of a special forces operator.
  • Amazing written and true story

    By 1man1missionorg
    This book chronicles one of the Most secret missions ever and told by someone who was in the thick of it all. Hard to put the book down.
  • Not bad

    By Madwest
    Written from one mans view point of a unit that doesn't exists, and his experiences in the mountains of afganistan.
  • Kill Bin Laden

    By brewcrew7
    Amazing story that finally tells the truth of what happened at Tora Bora. Book was a great read and provides the American public with an insider's account of the incredible political and environmental challenges these warriors faced, but pressed on and overcoming each every one, except for the political ones. Dalton Fury and his men are true American heroes who put their lives on the line and had the skill, leadership, and courage to do whatever it took to bring down the most sought after terrorist in the world. Although the mission did not end the way these warriors would have wanted, they inflicted impressive damage to the enemy. Had the politics not played such a critical role in allowing Bin Laden to escape, Dalton and his men would have gotten the job done ten years ago. Hopefully, the leadership of this country learned a valuable lesson and will never allow such a mistake again. Anyone interested in reading about some amazing spec ops bravery, dedication, and courage, then this book is a must read!
  • Good book

    By SmoovOne
    Good book