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  • The red pill

    By german1978
    If you want to take the red pill read this book. If you want the blue pill - don’t read this book and continue in la la land
  • “Comedy” I think not

    By jj-it-isz
    Milo, an anti-left posing as a conservative, certainly one of the best weapons we have to combat the stupidity and bigotry of the left, this book is just the beginning and oh boy what a way to start us off, gotta love and enjoy the outspokenness and certainly a really good read, it will make you laugh and rejoice but also cringe at the left and even some people in your own party, definitely magnificent.
  • Daddy?

    By Awesome game right
  • A must read for the non-snowflakes or someone looking to take the red pill!

    By Big Pete Inc.
    A lot of you have probably seen Milo on TV, YouTube, or in news articles. This book gives you the real Milo. Not the one CNN portrays as a hate mongering homophobic gay.It makes you think, and opens your eyes and mind. You won't get this perspective anywhere else. Definitely not on mainstream media!
  • A true leader of the conservative movement.

    By MikeNIke1995
    Proud to see him when he came to LSU. Huge fan and am looking forward to more of his work

    By Agajs
    I was once a liberal, believed in communism. A friend got the reluctant me to watch a Milo video and before I knew it, I had logical political views that made sense. I have no idea how I ever actually thought communism made sense. Thanks Milo! I'm smart now!
  • Splendid

    By donald.trump17
    I haven't even read the book yet but Ik it's gonna be good Bc I love milo with all my heart and he would never put anything out unless it's amazing
  • The Truth

    By kris < 3
    It's a very good book so I definitely recommend. Milo speaks the truth and usually the only people that hate him and this book are the ones looking for a lies in their safe space.
  • Legendary

    By tjeangirl77
    This is the most important and most dangerous book of the 21st Century for the preservation of freedom and Western Civilization!
  • Dangerously Fabulous

    By NnjaMastet
    Love the book, read it within a day of buying it. Finally,someone who voices he truth without worrying about hurting feelings!