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  • WOW!

    By Coachwife27
    Corinne is one my favorite authors. I love every single book she has written. The cover doesn't matter, I don't even need the blurb, if Corinne wrote it I will buy it. This book is now one of my absolute favorites! I felt every emotion you should feel with a good book and then some. I loved reading the fantasy, about the beloved boy bands from my youth. But her sense of humor in this book is what makes it on my top five list. She reminded me so much of the banter with my own girlfriends, and the belly laughs I got were priceless and at the perfect time! Read this book now!! It will not disappoint. Thank Corinne for sharing your words, time and so much of yourself with your fans. You are one talented lady!
  • Amazing

    By Paytons Mommy
    Amazing as always!!! Loved it!!
  • Fantasy Come To Life

    By Nuts4cereal
    Wanna tap into a nostalgic vibe? We've all been there. A teenager that crushes hard on a celebrity and left us daydreaming of what could be. But then we grew up and the fantasy stopped there. It never became a reality........until now. What a really great read! Corinne Michaels brings to life the fantasy that we all wished for way back when. Heather and Eli's story is the perfect recipe of highs and lows, heartbreak and happiness, tears and laughter ......with the sexy set in all the right places. This author is known for writing her novels well, keeping you engaged from the first page to the last and this book is no different. Feel like living out your fantasy?? Then enter into the world of Heather and Eli and live it through their eyes. A love like theirs wasn't easy to come by....but the best love rarely is.
  • Another winner

    By JLoc0303
    Loved it!
  • He Owns My Heart

    By Mel08G
    Corinne Michaels does it again with her new standalone, We Own Tonight. I have to admit I was transported back to the day when I remember crushing on my favorite band boy, Corey Hart. Now just imagine him signing and acting… RAWR. Eli Walsh, musician/actor, doesn’t do relationships. He was burned once and relationships are furthest from his mind. Heather Covey, devoted sister/divorcee, her life has been a string of tragic events. But when a girl’s night out turns into a night she will never forget, how will she go back to her life when all Eli wants to do is insert himself into her’s. In true Corinne fashion, you get the happy story moving along until something heart wrenching occurs to disrupt the ever so good feeling you were experiencing. But I promise you get to that happy feeling again, you just have to suffer a little… lol. This was definitely a story I will keep dear to my heart. I promise you will be rooting for this couple to get to their HEA. And, dreamy and just plain swoon-worthy. You can’t help but fall in love with him, sigh. A definite 5 star he owns my heart read!!
  • Loved it! A must read!

    By Virna Thompson
    We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels was an absolutely beautiful story. I devoured this book. I loved how real and raw Eli and Heather were. Yes, Eli was a celebrity, but at the heart of this story, he was only a man. Eli Walsh is what dreams are made off and Heather did plenty of dreaming and fantasizing about Eli Walsh for years. Eli is part of the boyband Four Blocks Down that Heather and her friends have crushed on hard. For her it has always been Eli. Her friends decide they need a night out to remember their youth and their love for Four Blocks Down, so they attend their concert. The last thing Heather expected was to have a one-night stand with Eli. She is not that kind of woman. She has responsibilities she takes seriously and finding herself mixed up with Eli Walsh is not responsible. So what is a girl to do? Grab her clothes and run. But running from Eli is not so easy! I loved Heather. She was strong and independent, but also vulnerable. Life has not been easy for her and is full of complications. She is responsible for her sister, who is ill, and needs to be constantly cared for. She has a very stressful job and an ex who broke her heart when she needed him the most. Eli Walsh is not a welcome distraction in her life. However, Eli was one determined man. There was something about Heather that lured him to her. It did not help that he was gorgeous and charming, but he was also irresistible and determined to win her over. He finds ways to show her she is important to him and is willing to accommodate her needs and wants. I seriously loved Eli. After being let down by her ex, Heather finds it hard to depend on anyone but herself. However, Heather slowly lets Eli in to her life and heart. Though she is apprehensive, he wins her over with actions. I loved the lengths Eli went to show her what it means to have someone in her life she can count on. But when tragedy strikes, will it be too much for them or will they find a way to move forward together? I loved We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels. It was such an emotional story, but also heartwarming. I loved the story, the characters and all the feeling evoked while reading. To me, Corinne gets better and better with every book she releases. This is a must read! Happy reading!
  • I want my own Eli Walsh!

    By boterflyachick
    5 stars I think every female had a dream that they would marry their teenage heart-throb musician or actor. I know I did. I was going to marry Joey McIntyre. *Shrugs* So when I read the blurb for We Own Tonight I was excited to read it. I've read all of Corinne's books and everyone she made me cry. So I read somewhere that this was a, it isn't. It's her typical writing style where I cry my eyes out. It is a little more light hearted than her other books for sure. But it still has that Corrine flair. There were plenty of laugh out loud moments though. Once scene had me rolling. One word FENCE! Now imagine you're at a concert and somehow you end up getting invited backstage by the one person you lusted after. Would you do it? I know I would! And Heather decides for one night she will be that girl. And Eli is everything and more than what she expected. We Own Tonight took me on a whirlwind romance with Heather and Eli and I didn't want their story to end. It was like I was living the experience through Corinne's words. If you want to live out your teenage fantasy of the hot rock star....grab We Own Tonight!
  • Five team crushing stars!

    By CarolN27
    Remember your teenage crush? ... what if that dream came true! You’ve played that fantasy in your mind a million times. What you’d talk about. What you’d wear. If only he knew who you were. Fast forward to your mid-thirties. Corinne Michaels has delivered a refreshing and heartfelt romance in We Own Tonight. This book is all about making the most out of life, overcoming obstacles and facing your fears. I got lost in Heather and Eli’s story. Corinne masterfully plays with all of your emotions. I laughed, I cried, I swooned and I walked away with a huge smile on my face. Thanks for the memories Corinne!
  • Must Read!!

    By nickelbull08
    We Own Tonight is a MUST READ! Corinne knocked it out of the park (again) with this one. The book quite literally is about owning tonight every single night. Whether it is a night out with the girls catching your favorite childhood boy band or staying in and eating pizza, OWN THAT NIGHT. Heather did just that when she went to a concert with her friends and screamed loudly at the stage. Eli did it when he performed for the crazy fans night after night. This book takes you on the journey of them owning their night together. If you’ve read Corinne before, you know she likes to rip your heart out. This is no different. So have the tissues handy, you will need them. But don’t worry….she is amazing at putting the pieces of your heart back together by the time she is done.
  • Loved it!!

    By MegM927
    5 Stars We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels is a standalone novel that completely blew me away! It was every teenage girl’s dream come to life. It was so unexpected and I devoured it in one sitting. We Own Tonight was captivating and breathtaking and honestly made me fall in love with Corinne Michaels even more. Heather has not had an easy life. With her parents passing when she was young and having to care for her sister, she has nothing left for herself. Deciding to push everything away for one night, she attends a concert for Four Blocks Down with her girls. Having the time of her life she makes eye contact with the lead singer Eli Walsh. Her teenage crush. When he calls her on stage she wasn’t expecting it to change her life… “You’re more than just a guy to me. You’re a man who reminds me that I’m a woman. You look at me as if I’m special, and that’s difficult to accept. More than that, you’re a guy that I spent my entire life dreaming of, but right now, you’re real.” Eli Walsh. Lead singer for Four Blocks Down. Heartthrob and manwhore. Successful actor. But just a man underneath. When he makes eye contact with the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, he knows he has to have her. Little does he know one night will change everything… “ I didn’t know that one instant could alter everything I ever believed in, but you did that. You showed me that it was okay to take chances. You gave me a safe haven through the storm. You give me the ability and the strength to believe in tomorrow.” OH MY GOSH!!!!! This book was EVERYTHING. Ms. Michaels delivered an epic tale that not only was filled with heartache and love but of friendships and family. Loss and hope. After reading this book I had to compose myself and try to gather my thoughts. Eli and Heather’s story is one that will stay with me for a long time to come. We Own Tonight is a must read!!!